CHO Chulhee

Affiliation : Daum Kakao Corp.
Interests : Mobile Security, Web Security
Certificate : Engineer Information Processing
E-mail : chcho98 AT

CHOI Myunghee

Affiliation : KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
Interests : Internet Security, Network Security
Certificate : CISSP, CCNA, SCJP
E-mail : choimh AT

CHOI Taeyong

Affiliation : Ministry of National Defense

Interests : Prediction for Cyber-Attacks

Certificate : CISSP, SW security weakness consultant

E-mail : tychoi AT


Affiliation : ESTsoft Corp , Assistnat Manager
Interests : Security Evaluation,Hacking
Certificate : Engineer Information Processing
E-mail : hack7956 AT


Affiliation : Korea University
Interests : Server Security, Security Evaluation
E-mail : hpaul130 AT

HONG Sooyong

Affiliation : GS Neotek, Assistant
Interests : Security Evaluation and Cloud
E-mail :  syhong99 AT

JANG Minchang

Affiliation : FSI(Financial Security Institue)
Interests : Surveillance Cameras, Reverse Code Engineering
E-mail : mins4416 AT

JUNG Garam

Affiliation : Korea Power Exchange (KPX)
Interests : Malware Detection, Hacking
Certificate : CISA, CPPG, 정보처리기사
E-mail : avy AT

KIM Chunghan

Affiliation : Korea University, Researcher
Interests : Finance Security , Usable Security
Certificate : 정보처리기사
E-mail : 6sasimi AT

KIM Jaeki

Affiliation : Korea University
Interests : Smart Device Security, Android Security
Certificate : 정보처리기사
E-mail : jack2 AT

KWON Changhoon

Affiliation : SaferZone, CEO
Interests : SoC Security, Device and Cloud Security
E-mail : ceo AT

LEE Eunchan

Interests : Digital Forensics, Information Assurance, Security Evaluation
Certificate : 정보보호시스템 수습평가자
E-mail : iamlec AT

LEE Hyewon

Affiliation : NHN Business Platform
Interests : Network Security, Digital Forensics
E-mail : prelion AT

LEE Hyungbeom

Affiliation : Defense Communication Command Force
Interests : Security Evaluation, Smart Device Security, Information Assurance
Certificate : Engineer Information Processing
E-mail : panzer715 AT

LEE Jiseop

Affiliation : Korea University
Interests : Window & Linux system exploit, Reversing
Certificate : SCJP, 정보처리기사
E-mail : gsleegs4 AT

LEE Jinhyuk

Affiliation : Korea University
Interests : Enterprise Security
E-mail : leejinhyuk AT

LEE Sangmin

Affiliation : Korea University
Interests :  Windows & Linux system Exploit, Bughunting
Certificate : 정보처리기사
E-mail :

LIM Kiyoung

Affiliation : Korea University
Interests : Vulnerability Analysis, ICS Security
Certificate : 정보처리기사
E-mail : morinori89 AT

MOON KunWoong

Affiliation : Koscom
Interests : Financial Security
Certificate : 정보처리기사
E-mail : mku92 AT

PARK Jisoo

Affiliation : Korea University
Interests : Security Evaluation, System Security
Certificate : 정보처리기사
E-mail :  jisoo8881 AT

SEO Inhyuk     

Affiliation : Korea University
Interests : System Security , Vulnerability Analysis
E-mail : sasin9191 AT

SHIM Jungjae      

Affiliation : Daum Kakao Corp.
E-mail : jerry AT

YU Jinhyun

Affiliation : Korea University
Interests :  Network Security, System Security
E-mail : zkfltmakba AT